I’m going to tell you some things today that will anger a lot of people, and offend a lot of people, and probably make lots of people go “Yeah!” But I’m pretty sure you won’t be bored.

Two hundred and thirty-three years ago, in Philadelphia, a bunch of guys got together and wrote a letter to their king. The letter was very eloquent, and well thought out, but it basically boiled down to this: “Dear King George, You’re not the boss of us! Sincerely, A Bunch of Troublemakers”

Because that’s essentially what the Declaration of Independence was: it was not whining to the King “oh will you please be nice and lower your taxes and please do this.” In fact the Declaration specifically described how they tried that and it didn’t work.

Now for all the parades and celebrations, picnics and fireworks that are going to go on today across this country all the millions of people engaged in this celebration – how many of them actually think about what the Declaration of Independence was? What those people did? Those people were criminals, they were tax cheats, they were traitors, they looked their government The British Crown in the face and said “we do not acknowledge your right to rule us at all”. They did not say “will you please reduce this, please be nicer here.” They said: “it’s over.”

Truth Be Told, some of the colonists were Cop Killers.

If you don’t believe me, what do you think happened at Lexington, when King George’s law enforcers said, you colonists lay down your guns. They said no, “you’re not the boss of us”. And so we had The Shot Heard Round the World, which is widely regarded as the beginning of the American Revolution.

How many people are celebrating across this country today? Actually support that kind of radical extremist action and attitude that you can go to your own government and say we’re not going to obey you anymore, we do not acknowledge your right to rule us at all ever again. [Applause]

Personally, I doubt it’s very many Americans. We have lots of sort of residual freedoms left over from what a bunch of radicals did a long time ago. And it’s sort of fun to be this close to where some very significant steps in that happened. But the bad news is the spirit that allowed this country is basically dead in the vast majority of Americans.

The vast majority of Americans are absolutely incapable of thinking much less speaking the concept ‘you’re not the boss of me’.

Now when we look back it’s easy for us to tear hurray for the rebels and we know how it turned out. We know they won. We know the revolution was successful and King George got his butt kicked. So we can say yeah, yeah hurray. But make no mistake when you cheer for the people who had them at the American Revolution you are cheering for traitors and criminals. They broke the law. Freedom is always illegal. Let – let this one thing sink in, if you don’t hear anything else freedom is always illegal because the people who want power over you will always say ‘keeping what you’re wearing is against the law’. ‘Being armed is against the law’. ‘Determining your own future is against the law’. And how many Americans as much as they celebrate Independence Day are capable of even thinking those thoughts.

Let’s do a comparison. Suppose a group in this country today did what the founders did 233 years ago. Suppose they wrote a letter to the United States government. A letter to Congress and the President and said we will not pay your taxes ever again. We will not obey your laws ever again. We do not acknowledge your right to rule as at all ever again. And when you send your thugs, to enforce your will on us we will resist. [Applause]

How many Americans dare to even think that and what would most Americans think of any group they did that? Horrible criminals and traitors infringe lunatics and we can’t have that. Well, why do we have this double standard? Why is the whole country having these huge celebrations over independence day where a bunch of criminals broke the law committed treason and resisted authority? When the vast majority of all those people out there having celebrations would be the first in line to condemn anyone who did that today? Why the double standard?

Did morality change sometime in the last 233 years. In short, the spirit of resistance the ability to say ‘you’re not the boss of me’ is gone from the vast majority of American culture.

It has been trained out of us and for all the pride people express today I’m here to tell you the American people are wimps and why is that? It’s not just bad luck. It’s not a coincidence. For years and years and years the churches, the schools, the media, the government, society in general has taught us one rule above all else. Obedience to authority is the highest virtue and disobedience is the worst sin. That is the message that comes through everything else. And you can see it. Here’s where I’m going to offend a lot of people.

You can see it in the freedom movement. Because the vast majority of the freedom movement consists of people saying let’s vote for these people, let’s push for this legislation, let’s lobby for this and that and the other thing. And they couch their demands in of course we will only do things within the system. We would never advocate anything illegal. Well hate to spoil of your party, but the Declaration of Independence was not about doing something within the system, it was about saying we’re free whether authority says so or not and we will resist. Even if you call it law, even if you call yourself government, even if you wear fancy hats and have big important meetings; we will resist because we own ourselves.

So how many people advocate that now. Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, where are they in the mainstream? They’re not there is a few fringe wackos like me and a bunch of people I see here. But these people they get revered all across the country as being these great heroes of the American Revolution. The people who cheer for them do not believe what those men believed in.

They believed in something called unalienable rights. That means you have a right to do something. If the law says you can’t do it. You still have the right to do it. If the government says you can’t do it. You still have the right to do it. Unalienable means nothing anyone in the world can do takes away your right to do that.

Now they can infringe on that right, which they do on a regular basis. They can’t stomp on you and they can hurt you and they can punish you. But it will never be legitimate and nobody should ever bow – sorry I hear thunder hear. It’s fake thunder don’t worry.

That nobody should ever bow to someone who says well, no we had these elections and these processes and this and that and the other thing. Now I have the right to infringe on this and the other thing. Nothing gives them the right that’s what unalienable means. But Americans by enlarge do not believe that. Now, some people every once in a while will say well it was really impressive back in 1776 and we’re just not quite to that point yet. If 2% to 3% taxation justified a revolution in 1776, why doesn’t 50% and growing justify a revolution?

If a few little excise taxes on pieces of paper and tea justified open lawlessness from these rebels that we’re all celebrating; why don’t the myriad of in comprehensible unavoidable crushing taxes; state, local, and federal why don’t they justify a revolution today.

If the occasional abuse of the colonists by the red coats justified a revolution back then why isn’t it justified today by the fact that the vast majority of American law enforcement. See no problem at all with randomly stopping you, detaining you, interrogating you and searching you for any reason they like or no reason at all. If you read the fourth amendment you realize, wow they had a revolution over that.

So where’s the spirit with all the flag waving and with all the celebrating, where are the people who actually believe in what happened right over there 233 years ago?

What exactly are we proud of, if we let that go?

People talk about American pride what is it that they’re proud of?

It reminds me I – somebody gave me a note here to read to you – they guy’s name is Sam. Samuel Adams, yeah the beer guy, but he did some other stuff too. If he loved wealth better than liberty the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom go home from us in peace. We ask not your councils or arms to crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chain set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

So what happened? Why did this nation lose its ability to say, ‘you’re not the boss of me’. Even among people who say we’re the most ardent supporters of freedom, if you say are you willing to break the law. They say ‘no, no, no I would never do that’. In other words, your ardent advocates of freedom as long as the tyrants give their permission. That’s not being advocates of freedom. In Lexington, what happened when the troop said lay down your guns? Did they say uh…. can’t re-keep them pretty please. Okay, there you go. No, they said no.

Where the Americans capable of saying no. I’m not talking about voting and whining to your congressman. I’m talking about resistance and I know even hearing about this makes a lot of people very uncomfortable, because the American people do not believe what the founding fathers believed.

The problem is we have been trained for years and years and years to measure our worth based on how well we obey authority. Not on how we treat other people, not on what we produce on how well we obey authority. Consider the example of the phrase ‘law-abiding taxpayer’. People use that constantly and what they mean when they say ‘I’m a law-abiding taxpayer’ is ‘I’m a good person’, okay. But what is law-abiding taxpayer actually mean. Law-abiding means you do what the politicians tell you. Now as much as we revere the law and we talk about those nasty law breakers in this great law-abiding citizens and we talk as if the law is some proclamation from on high, we know who writes them. There are bunch of liars and crooks.


Does anybody not know that the politician are a bunch of liars and crooks.

So why is it, when they say, you have to do this, you’re not allowed to do that. We call it law and we bow to it like it came down from on high. It’s the commands of crooks. But we have been trained to view it as the measure of whether we’re good people.

Let’s consider a few examples, Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany had a whole lot of law-abiding taxpayers. Who went along with the agenda of the Third Reich and who funded it, were they the good guys? No. The good guys in Nazi Germany were the criminals the people who said ‘what you are doing is illegal, ‘I will disobey your laws and I will not pay your taxes’, same thing under Stalin, now whole part Castro you can go right down the list. It’s a really long list.

The good people were not the people who were law-abiding taxpayers. The good people were the people who said I am not going to help those people wearing the label of government to oppress and injure and murder my fellowman. If they call that law I’m proud to be a criminal. And as much as we revere the law if you need politicians telling you what’s right and wrong, something’s horribly wrong.

Here is a clue from Thomas Jefferson, because I just want to let you know. I’m not the first radical wacko to say these sorts of things.

“Rightful Liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add within the limits of the law because law is often but the tyrants will and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

Yes, yeah.

So what about right here, we can look at lots of other times, lots of other places and say hurray for the people who broke the law. We can look back in this country’s history, when slavery was legal, just as evil, but it was legal. We’re the good guys the people who went along with it. No, the good guys broke the law. And we can see that in this country in the past and lots of other countries present and past what about this country today. Do we really want to tell ourselves that, well no, it’s not okay to resist now.

Among other things.

When people feel this moral obligation to obey ‘the law’, they speak it as of it some proclamation from on high. What exactly is your moral obligation to work really hard? So you can give thousands of dollars to Obama, so he can give them to international bankers. Where is the moral obligation?


Where is the moral obligation to fund whatever war, or any politician happens to say ‘hey, I bet if I do that, it will help my image’.

Why do we believe we have a moral obligation to obey whatever they call law?

Here is a radical thought. You have a moral obligation to recognize and honor the rights of every individual on the planet no matter what the law says. And do we all feel a moral obligation to finance the police state, you see growing up all over the place.

Trouble is we’ve forgotten a very important secret. And the founders; a bunch of them referenced it, but even they didn’t seem to fully grasp it. Here it is I have to say it quietly, it’s a secret, ‘you own yourself’, you’ve heard that secret.

And this country.

You own yourself. Now when I say that to almost anybody they say, of course I do.

And the country.

Are you sure, you think that. Yeah, of course, I do. Of course, I own myself. So you own your time and effort. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what you produce with your time and effort. No one has the right to take that from you by force without your consent, right, no of course, not. What if they call it taxes. Oh that’s different, no, it’s not. It is not different. If you own yourself someone calling them self government, someone calling his demands, laws and taxes or anything else, it is still theft. And there is a radical wackos in history like Frédéric Bastiat who did a great job of explaining that obvious truth. The truth it is completely lost on the vast majority of Americans. And I could go down the list for ages, which I’m not going to do.

If you own yourself would we have to pay rent for the property you already bought. No. What if it’s called the property taxes?

If you own yourself, doesn’t that imply and if you have the right to life, liberty, and property, they change the last one to happiness because it sounded more poetic. Initially it was going to be life, liberty and property, because property is essential to freedom. If I can’t make something and own it myself then what good is my time worth to me, if it doesn’t belong to me.

So back when it was called life, liberty and property. If you have the right to lose things, doesn’t that sort of imply you have the right to defend those things against all aggressors. What if the aggressors say we’re government and this is law?

You know everybody can see if some thug comes to your house and points a guns at you and says hand it over, because I want it that is perfectly okay to defend yourself. But if they call it government and they call it law and they call it taxes, suddenly everyone’s perception drastically changes.

Suddenly the guy who produced it who says wait, I produced this. I want to keep it. He is the evil, nasty, greedy criminal. And the thug pointing a gun at him to say, no, sorry, goes to the politicians. He is the noble law enforcer. When did our perception of reality get so messed up?

Now, I’m going to finish it up here, hope I riled up enough people already. The concept of freedom and being able to defend your liberty sort of implies, you have the right to have the ability to defend your liberty. Now I have an e-mail list and a while ago I send the thing to list. It says I want every American to have the ability to forcibly resist federal agents. As you may expect it freaked out, some people who work over there.

And I suspect it would freakout most of the country, what are you talking about? You want people to have the ability to kill law enforcers. Is that what you’re saying? Yep. I’m not saying go out and slaughter than widely. I’m saying you should have the ability and 233 years ago some guy’s explained why and demonstrated why you should have that ability. But as scared as people are of that concept what’s the alternative, that you should not have the ability to resist your own government.

Which of those scares you more, because I got to tell you the idea of the people incapable of protecting itself from its own government that’s really scary to me.

You have one obligation as human beings and it goes directly against almost everything you’ve been taught in school and in society and in the media and everywhere else.

Your obligation is to judge right and wrong for yourselves and to act accordingly. And if somebody says no, no, no. I’m the boss, I’m in charge, I’m authority, I lay down the law, you do this. You have the right to say, no, I’m not going to do the wrong thing, just because the law tells me to. And when they huff and puff and say you are nasty criminals and scofflaws and [indiscernible] and horrible people that you would dare to disobey authority, you tell them ‘you’re not the boss of me.

–  Larken Rose


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