Step One: Letting Go Of The Myth


A growing number of people now believe that “government” is not necessary and that human society would, on a practical level, work a lot better without it. Others argue that regardless of which “works” better, society without a coercive state is the only moral choice, as it is the only choice that does not support the initiation of violence against innocent people. While such arguments are both valid and worthwhile, there is actually a more fundamental point that renders such discussions moot: “authority, ,. whether moral or not, and whether it “works” or not, cannot exist. This is not merely a statement of what should be, it is a description of what is. If “authority” cannot exist – as will be logically proven below – any debate about whether we “need” it, or how well it works on a practical level, is pointless.

Accordingly, the point of this book is not that “government” should be abolished, but that “government”– a legitimate ruling class – does not and cannot exist, and that failure to recognize this fact has led to immeasurable suffering and injustice. Even most of those who recognize “government” as a huge threat to humanity speak of doing away with it, as if it actually exists. They speak as if there is a choice between having a “government” and not having a “government.” There is not. “Government” is a logical impossibility. The problem is not actually “government,” but the belief in “government.” By analogy, one who realizes that Santa Claus is not real does not start a crusade to abolish Santa, or to evict him from the North Pole. He Simply stops believing in him. The difference is that the belief in Santa Claus does little harm, while the belief in the mythical beast called “authority” has led to unimaginable pain and suffering, oppression and injustice.

The message here is not that we should try to create a world without “authority”; it is that it would behoove human beings to accept the fact that a world without “authority” is all that has ever existed, and that mankind would be far better off, and people would behave in a far more rational, moral and civilized manner, if that fact were widely understood.

This is an excerpt from the book “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose


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